After over 24 years working with and inspecting concrete structures I realized that too much focus was being put on concrete strength in a perfectly cured laboratory setting instead of it’s ultimate durability in the field. Concrete acceptance was met by laboratory tested specimens, instead of actual quality of the cured concrete in the field which is what should matter. It does not matter if your concrete meets design criteria in a lab. If your concrete is not cured properly it will not hydrate as well as it does in a lab and if it’s not durable it will not maintain it’s strength throughout it’s service life. CNS curing became the answer, allowing concrete to achieve the benefits of 28 day water curing with only a one time application treatment that allows access to other trades in only one hour. Colloidal Nano Silica is unlike anything else on the market and is not to be confused with “crystalline” waterproofers which have proven to be unreliable.

SCP (Spray-Lock Concrete Protection) is a totally different product to all existing concrete treatments. It is a unique full depth penetrant and not capable of being copied as it is a proprietary catalyzed colloidal silica technology that is water borne- not water based.

SCP produces extremely small spherical colloids (average particle size is less than 500 nanometers) can fully penetrate the capillaries (pores) and fill them evenly and permanently through a calcium silicate hydrate reaction and it also hydrates the free cement (C-H) in the concrete to a much higher degree than standard mix water.

For this reason SCP has to rely on the concrete surfaces being fully porous to ensure that the capillaries are open. SCP should not be applied with or after any conventional concrete treatments – especially liquid or powder based curing membranes as they will impair the ability of SCP to penetrate the capillaries.

SCP is a post placement pozzolan product designed to be applied in the field – to field grade concrete and NOT the “perfect” concrete that can be created in a Laboratory! SCP topical treatments should never be used as an admixture.

SCP thus provides a unique and permanent, passive, non destructive Calcium-Silicate-Hydrate treatment within the concrete matrix. It adds nothing foreign into the concrete, C-S-H is the glue of concrete, it’s what gives concrete its strength. It has been used for over 40 years and it should not be confused with temporary, soluble, weakly linked large pore, thixotropic gels that are formed using sodium silicates, or through free lime reactions which have been proven to be detrimental to long term concrete integrity. This technology is unique and is NOT a sodium, potassium or lithium silicate or oxysilane or crystalline products used in many other concrete treatments.

SCP is applied in a single spray application until product refusal that deeply and fully penetrates the capillaries in the concrete providing permanent waterproofing and protection against a wide range of negative impacts on concrete such as:

  • Resistance to salt and chemical attack
  • Surface hardening, densification
  • Protection against ingress of chloride ions that attack embedded steel
  • Removal of the need for water curing or curing membranes
  • Removal of the need for moisture membranes and coatings
  • Removal of the need for expensive vapor barriers
  • Removal of the need for various chemicals for densification, surface hardening and steel corrosion protection by removing access of oxygen and water to embedded steel
  • SCP can prevent corrosion in new concrete and arrest corrosion in existing concrete.
  • SCP can be effectively applied on either side (positive or negative) of concrete structures (such as water tanks) with minimum site disruption and it provides early access to other trades
  • SCP eliminates free moisture in concrete, and even reduces vapor transmissions in concrete to such low levels that coatings and coverings can be applied in 14 days after placement – pour to floor in 14 days!
  • Permanent stain resistance

I’ve realized that innovation is the answer.

I’ve realized that innovation is the answer.  If the standard concrete placement and curing practices we’ve become accustomed to are not achieving long term durability and long term performance, then innovation must be the key.  I’ve found a technology that’s been proven to increase hydration, waterproof, chemically stabilize, and thus increase durability for over 40 years.  Over 300 million square feet of SCP technology has been applied worldwide by repeat customers.  After over 450 treatments in my local area of Western Washington and zero failures I stopped counting and have been able to broaden my focus to products that complete a waterproofing system for my customers, with the SCP advantage.  I now sell SCP products, and I’m a consultant for projects that incorporate this technology along with other known crack and joint sealing technologies to create durable waterproof structures with the world’s most popular building material, CONCRETE.

Thanks for reading,
Rory Bosma