Our Services

Concrete Protection LLC was formed to offer clients crack sealing and joint sealing that complements the performance of CNS technology. CNS increases the concrete performance and stops vapor drive through the matrix, it also reduces shrinkage up to 92% in fresh concrete. High elongation crack sealers are options to permanently seal both horizontal and vertical cracks that may occur, complementing the performance of CNS. Hydrophilic crack injection products may be needed if water is actively flowing. Subcontractor ID CC CONCRPL835PC.


Flooring joints and cracks. Many of these are due to drying shrinkage, and can be sealed after treatment with CNS technology to mitigate moisture for resilient flooring.


Parking deck joints and cracks. Products selected depend on whether the deck is new or existing. We view all parking deck joints and cracks as movement joints, and use the appropriate methods.


Below grade walls with or without hydrostatic pressure. Products and methods selected will depend on access to the area. If we’re consulted in the design phase of new construction, we can save the project tens of thousands of dollars and help fast track the project.


Concrete roof decks and transfer slabs that will receive coatings or coverings. CNS technology combined with crack sealers, joint sealers, and penetrations sealed can become a temporary roof accelerating the construction schedule.

Construction Joints

Interior and exterior construction joints. Products selected for joint applications will depend on whether or not the joint experiences movement and/or water pressure.


Wearing surface crack filling coatings for bridge decks, parking decks. These can include traffic coatings with limited crack bridging capability or penetrating crack filling sealers.

Repair and Resurfacing Consultation

Concrete Protection of aging structures and service life extension sometimes involves removal and replacement of unsound concrete or damaged sections. This is done with low permeability concrete treated with colloidal nano silica for the greatest extension of service life possible. Adjacent concrete is also treated with CNS technology, stopping the clock on corrosion and enhancing the service life. No other method of concrete patching or repair stabilizes the PH of both the existing concrete and the patch - thus the corrosion potential for the repaired concrete system is greatly reduced. A polymer and portland cement based resurfacing can then be applied to provide an updated look for years to come.

Protected Concrete Placement Consultation

Concrete Protection specializes in very high quality low permeability waterproof concrete work. Our work should typically last 2-3 times longer because of the curing methods we use. We can develop either a belt and suspenders system for protecting inhabited spaces or utilize cost effective and time saving products to develop a very low maintenance concrete structure without any membranes that may degrade or need replacing.

Concrete Polishing

Polishing is preferred because it's not a coating that can wear out, it can be expensive, but it's less expensive than many types of flooring. It only needs to be rebuffed every so often to maintain luster, and is as permanent as concrete itself. CP LLC owns all it's own grinding and polishing equipment, we don't bid the work, sub it out, and mark it up.

Grind & Seal

Grind and Sealing can give you a very durable flooring option that is just as good looking as polishing at about half the cost. It can also be combined with staining to give you an endless array of possible finished looks. Polyurethane seal coating is very durable, protects concrete better than any other product, resists stains from chemicals and oils, and generally lasts 5-10 years. CP LLC owns all it's own grinding and polishing equipment, we don't bid the work, sub it out, and mark it up.

Concrete Overlays

Polymer overlays are extremely durable. Holds up well in garages and warehouses. They fill and bridge cracks and imperfections. Polymer overlays are half the cost of cementitious overlays. They can be stained giving you an infinite appearance options.