If you are looking for most cost effective and highest performance below grade concrete waterproofing system available, this is it.


The CP system doesn’t need a membrane to work, but can be used with one.  Traditionally bentonite positive side membrane are combined with Hydrophobic admix.

The Hydrophobic admix does not reduce shrinkage and the subsequent cracking, nor does it bridge structural or moving cracks.  Bentonite positive side membranes also do not reduce shrinkage or cracking.

Admixture + Cure

CNS admixture added to the mix water at the batch plant works as a water reducer, hydration optimizer, waterproofer, and shrinkage reducer.   It’s like a concrete multi-vitamin.  Combined with colloidal silica curing, it reduces shrinkage and cracking to almost a non existent level.  If there are any leaks – we will seal under warranty.  This system will provide superior concrete protection compared to the traditional systems, and is less than half the cost of Hydrophobic admix.  If you’re going to waterproof concrete, why not choose products that significantly reduce cracking, and stop both liquid water and vapors?  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Concrete Protection LLC offers a warrantied protected concrete structure system which covers any leaks at cracks, joints, and penetrations in the coverage area.  This system includes design and concrete joint detail review, and Geotechnical Report review of site conditions and water table.  Inspections are made prior to concrete placements to insure that joints are properly prepared.  Our team needs to be scheduled to seal joints properly prior to subsequent placements.  All protected concrete placements are observed to assure concrete is placed to avoid lack of fusion between adjoining layers and rock pockets.  System warranty includes meeting with the design team to address all concerns, and proven design details can be recommended.

Essentially the system includes the following design requirements:

1. Drainage mat and footing drain system – water needs someplace to go.
2. Part A: approved colloidal nano silica mineral admixture added to the mix water during the batching process enhancing hydration, reduce shrinkage, reduce permeability and vapor transmission.
3. Part B: approved colloidal nano silica curing which further reduces shrinkage and fills capillary void spaces.
4. Joints/penetrations sealed with approved hydrophilic water stop

This system was designed since traditional membrane systems fail, and when they do, the leaking joint or crack is usually injected.  The failed membrane is actually never fixed!  These membranes don’t bridge structural or moving cracks.  Cracks and joints that leak still require injection.  When you seal cracked concrete, you’re automatically relying on the concrete itself on either side of the crack to be waterproof as well.  Membranes are rarely installed per manufacturer, and are not user friendly or fast to install.  Traditional hydrophobic admixtures weaken concrete, don’t aid in curing or shrinkage cracking reduction, and don’t bridge structural or moving cracks either.  Cracks and joints that leak still require injection.  

Also, traditional systems have been known to fail directly through sound un-cracked concrete at higher hydrostatic pressures, something colloidal nano silica treatments have excelled at.