Offering High-Quality and Affordable Concrete Floor Coating Services

Choose Concrete Protection to handle your project in the Puyallup & Bellevue, WA areas

Are you thinking about purchasing a DIY painting kit for your garage floor or renting a concrete grinder to complete your project? Are you getting estimates from a contractor wanting to use a full polyaspartic system? You shouldn't make any decisions until you hear what Concrete Protection LLC has to say.

Our concrete floor coating company in Puyallup & Bellevue, WA is known for using cutting-edge technology to make each floor visually pleasing at affordable prices. You'll have a perfect high-quality epoxy floor for your home or business at a price you can't resist. Read on to learn more about what makes our garage floor coatings special.

How do we know we're affordable?

Oftentimes, our team ends up spending around 60% of a garage floor budget on epoxy and other coating materials alone. We strive to never mark up our services. Unless there have been changes to market values, our pricing will stay highly competitive. We also offer discounts to extended customer relationships and contractors.

Concrete needs to be properly prepared

If you're planning a DIY concrete project, never acid wash or etch your concrete floor to prepare for coating. This causes the underlying surface to crumble, peel or delaminate over time in heavily trafficked areas. Plus, acid wash is bad for your health. That leaves you with the option to sand the surface, right? Unfortunately, sanders aren't abrasive enough for a high-performance epoxy floor coating.

Grinding and shot blasting are the only methods to ensure a concrete floor has the proper surface profile and strength to accept the epoxy binder. Renting this contractor-grade equipment may cost nearly $1,000 for a small job, and you'll still have to haul it to and from the rental store.

Skip the stress by turning to Concrete Protection. We have the right tools for your project We support only the best in grinding and diamond technology. Set your worries to the side and let our experts handle the dirty work.

Warranty and guarantee information

Our warranty is based on the process and materials used during the base coat stage. We have no tricks or fine print to hide. All we want is to give you a warranty that covers the floor against normal wear tear from vehicles and foot traffic. We cover the cost of labor and materials in full. Our warranty's length depends on which base coat is chosen and paid for by the customer, such as...

  • Moisture Barrier Epoxy: 25 Years from the time of installation

Our concrete floor coating and polishing services are some of the highest quality and most affordable options in the area.

Watch out for DIY garage floor kits

By the time you research the garage floor coating process, clean up, recoat and cure your work, you've spent a lot of time on your DIY project. Not to mention, you may not end up saving money. Any garage floor coating that has a two-, five-, or ten-year lifespan can cost you more over time than our commercial grade 100% Solids Epoxy and Polyaspartic Systems will.

You can rest assured your garage floor is going to be safe and sound for up to 50 years after your coating. Forget about doing all that work yourself! Get it done right the first time by leaving it to our expert garage floor installation technicians.

Know your base and prime coats for the Pacific Northwest

The two most popular ways to bond flake to your garage floor are with either an epoxy or polyaspartic coating. Our company recommends staying away from full polyaspartic base coat systems when you live in the Northwest, though they do have their uses for minor projects. Allow our knowledgeable team to lead you to a great investment by helping you understand your options. These include...

  • Polyaspartic coatings: The best modern top coat for residential and heavy-traffic applications, this coating has the hardness of epoxy with the flexibility of polyurethane. As a result, it's one of the hardest and most scratch-resistant top coats. It also cures great in cold temperatures, but due to a quick cure time, it doesn't anchor into the concrete floor very aggressively. Polyaspartic also doesn't bond or adhere to concrete with excessive moisture very well.
  • Standard epoxy coatings: Modern quick-cure epoxies are well-suited to priming and bonding into a concrete slab with moisture content. This means a lasting performance and coating you can count on. Mostly, it'll be a water-based epoxy that penetrates deeply without odor. The only disadvantage of epoxy is its need for heat, which makes it more labor-intensive. We've mastered the process for all seasons by using additional equipment and masking procedures.
  • Moisture barrier epoxy coatings: These epoxies are the most technologically advanced of their kind because of their ability to adhere to damp concrete, which is perfect for the Pacific Northwest. The only disadvantage is extra cost and an odor during the curing process.

If you're interested in getting a quote for a garage, basement or concrete floor, call, send us an email or click our estimate button. Our main priority is to give you the floor of your dreams!